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I never lose. I either win or learn. - Nelson Mandela

The ProSkills' organization strives to help young athletes find their love for the game of basketball and focusing on long term player development. We feel strongly that life lessons and values such as hard work, discipline, character, and teamwork, can be learned through sports. Our goal is to teach young athletes respect for themselves, their peers and their community by instilling a code of ethics built on responsibility, coachability and team work so every child can reach their full potential and increase their skills in the game of basketball and more importantly….life.

Building Solid Foundations

Development program & skill sessions

Club Teams

Club teams playing competitive tournaments


Offering summer and school break camps

Objectives & Expected Level Of Play By Division

Kinder & 1st Grade

Player Skills:

  • Learning ball control
  • Learning rules of the game
  • Learning to shoot on 10ft hoop

Behavioral Expectation:

  • Player enjoys basketball
  • wants to learn and improve
  • is focused and not disruptive to practice

2nd grade, 8U

Practice Player Skills:

  • Pass and catch ball
  • Dribble while running without double dribbling
  • Make a shot, unguarded inside the key

Club Level Skills:

  • Pass and catch while running without traveling
  • Make lay-ups running full speed
  • Catch and shoot from at least 15 feet out
  • Dribble full speed with defensive pressure

Behavioral Expectation:

  • Player wants to be at practice
  • Respectful to coaches and other players
  • Eager to listen and learn

3rd Grade, 9U

Practice Player Skills:

  • Make a free throw
  • Change directions while dribbling at full speed
  • Pass and catch while running without traveling

Club Level Skills:

  • Dribbles under control, at full speed, with head up, with defensive pressure
  • Escape trap/pass out of double team
  • Understands basic defensive positioning
  • Score off the dribble
  • Rebound ball at the height of jump

Behavioral Expectation

  • remain focused during duration of 90min practice
  • give maximum effort, no sitting or leaning on walls
  • respect coaches and teammates

4th Grade, 10U

Practice Player Skills:

  • Crossover, behind the back, and between the legs at full speed with no defense
  • Shoot of dribble and catch and shoot from 18 feet and in
  • Slide feet and keep and offensive player from dribbling past them

Club Level Skills:

  • Head up looking to advance ball/attack when they get the ball
  • Knows and remembers offensive and defensive sets
  • Box out for rebounds, Close-out on shooters
  • Knows their positioning on offense and defense
  • Get around first defender

Behavioral Expectation

  • Player desires to learn and improve at basketball
  • Player gives full attention and effort in practices and games
  • Player is respectful of coaches, teammates, referees, opposing teams
  • Player is devoting time outside of practice to solidifying skills

5th Grade, 11U

Practice Player Skills:

  • Handle the ball with defensive pressure
  • Make lay-up with defensive pressure
  • On ball man to man defense (stay in front of dribbler)

Club level skills:

  • 5 player Man to Man defense (help defense)
  • Three point range
  • Get around 1st defender and make another move to finish

Behavioral Expectation

  • Player desires to compete at a higher level in basketball
  • Player regularly practices outside of club practices and games
  • Player can take constructive criticism and improve

6th Grade, 12U

Practice Player Skills:

  • Comprehend defensive rotations
  • Communicate on the court
  • Get open within the offense

Club level skills

  • Be able to dribble and finish consistently with their off hand
  • play through contact
  • apply on ball defensive pressure without fouling

Behavioral expectation 

  • Willingness to fulfill any role on a team
  • Player watches upperclassmen basketball and able to critique the game on a basic level
  • Commit to practicing harder than playing in games

7th Grade, 13U

Clinic Player Skills:

Club level skills

  • Shoot from 3 point range with proper shooting form
  • can escape/pass the ball out of a double team
  • play aggressive defense while sliding and staying in a defensive stance

Behavioral expectation 

  • Comes to practice to get better, not socialize
  • Commit to independent daily practice minimum 4 hours per week outside of practice and clinic
  • Commit to practicing harder than playing in games
  • Regular attendance and commitment to club basketball

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