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Club Curriculum & Standards

2nd Grade

Practice Player Skills:

  • Pass and catch ball
  • Dribble while running without double dribbling
  • Make a shot, unguarded inside the key


Club Level Skills:

  • Pass and catch while running without traveling
  • Make lay-ups running full speed
  • Catch and shoot from at least 15 feet out
  • Dribble full speed with defensive pressure


Behavioral Expectation:

  • Player wants to be at practice
  • Respectful to coaches and other players
  • Eager to listen and learn


3rd Grade

Practice Player Skills:

  • Make a free throw
  • Change directions while dribbling at full speed
  • Pass and catch while running without traveling


Club Level Skills:

  • Dribbles under control, at full speed, with head up, with defensive pressure
  • Escape trap/pass out of double team
  • Understands basic defensive positioning
  • Score off the dribble
  • Rebound ball at the height of jump


Behavioral Expectation

  • remain focused during duration of 90min practice
  • give maximum effort, no sitting or leaning on walls
  • respect coaches and teammates

4th Grade

Practice Player Skills:

  • Crossover, behind the back, and between the legs at full speed with no defense
  • Shoot of dribble and catch and shoot from 18 feet and in
  • Slide feet and keep and offensive player from dribbling past them

Club Level Skills:

  • Head up looking to advance ball/attack when they get the ball
  • Knows and remembers offensive and defensive sets
  • Box out for rebounds, Close-out on shooters
  • Knows their positioning on offense and defense
  • Get around first defender


Behavioral Expectation

  • Player desires to learn and improve at basketball
  • Player gives full attention and effort in practices and games
  • Player is respectful of coaches, teammates, referees, opposing teams
  • Player is devoting time outside of practice to solidifying skills

5th Grade

Practice Player Skills:

  • Handle the ball with defensive pressure
  • Make lay-up with defensive pressure
  • On ball man to man defense (stay in front of dribbler)


Club level skills:

  • 5 player Man to Man defense (help defense)
  • Three point range
  • Get around 1st defender and make another move to finish


Behavioral Expectation

  • Player desires to compete at a higher level in basketball
  • Player regularly practices outside of club practices and

6th Grade

Practice Player Skills:

  • Comprehend defensive rotations
  • Communicate on the court
  • Get open within the offense


Club level skills

  • Be able to dribble and finish consistently with their off hand
  • play through contact
  • apply on ball defensive pressure without fouling

Behavioral expectation 

  • Willingness to fulfill any role on a team
  • Player watches upperclassmen basketball and able to critique the game on a basic level
  • Commit to practicing harder than playing in games