Tournaments 101

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Everything You Need to Know

  • There are a limited number of basketball facilities that can accommodate tournaments in the Los Angeles area. Most tournaments take place at facilities in Orange County. We do have some tournaments locally at Jump Beyond in Torrance. We also have tournaments at gyms in Thousand Oaks and Ladera Ranch.
  • The expectation for Travel Team players is basketball first. We understand that many players play multiple sports but our team rosters are carefully balanced and thought out. To compete at the highest levels we need a full team roster. Only by having full commitment can our teams compete at the highest levels. 
  • Basketball tournaments are very different from soccer or baseball tournaments. Some tournaments have pool play and championship games, but others might just be for playing experience
  •  Please make sure to indicate player availability at least the week before and no later than the Monday before a tournament. If you don’t indicate availability by Monday, your player may not play. We understand that everyone has busy schedules, but we don’t want to register for a tournament without enough players committed. We need a minimum of 7-8 players marked yes in order to register.
  • Game times: When indicating availability, you may indicate preferred times. In some tournaments we might be able to make requests for pool play games, but we cannot guarantee them. Requests are due the week before the tournament. Game times are not released until the Wednesday or Thursday before and are subject to change until Friday night.Start times can be any time from a 7am-8:30pm
  • Players that indicate yes may be given priority playing over players who indicate maybe 
  • If you need to cancel 48 hours before a game, please text BOTH Lindsey 310-251-1441 and your coach so we can help to find a replacement. Please understand, we still have to cover the cost of the tournament. Last second cancellations will still be responsible for the tournament fee.
  • Tournament Cost is not included in your training fees and is $60 per player per tournament via Business Venmo @proskillshoops. This covers the team registration fee and coaching costs. No matter how many games you play, the cost is the same.
  • Tournaments have entrance fees for spectators, ie $10-20 per adult $5-10 child
  • Most tournaments charge for parking $15-$20, cash only
  • Players need to arrive in the gym 30 mins before tip off. It is not good for the player or team to have players not warmed up and arriving at the last minute
  • Playing time is the decision of the coach and is not evenly distributed
  • There is no mercy rule in basketball. Scores can be high. The players are there for the experience and competition.