The ProSkills organization strives to help young athletes find their love for the game of basketball while learning essential fundamentals

Our Story

Justin McCurdy founded ProSkills after graduating from Redondo Union High School, where he was a starting point guard under coach Tom Maier. Maier, also ran Penninsula Sports camps and mentored McCurdy to launch ProSkills in 2008, just out of high school.

While going to school full time at USC, where he majored in communications and accounting, McCurdy built ProSkills from the ground up with just a bag of basketballs and 23 kids.

ProSkills is now the premiere club basketball program in the South Bay, with over 125 club players ages 8U-13U and hundreds of summer campers.

What Makes Us Different

ProSkills believes in teaching our players life skills that go beyond the court:

  • Active lifestyle for life
  • Getting along with people
  • Confidence
  • How to deal with set backs and attacks
  • Dealing with authority
  • Managing conflict
  • Concentration, focus and never-say die attitude
  • Sense of identity
  • How to follow the rules
  • Self-discipline

We are also the first athletic organization in the South Bay to adopt the MBUSD and City of Manhattan Beach inclusion pledge:

Today I pledge to #StandUp against Hate and #StandUp for Respect. I pledge to #StandUp to all forms of hate, bigotry, violence, bullying, and discrimination. I will:

  • Speak out when I hear someone being attacked based on race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, religion, ability or any other factor;
  • Talk about how stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination, and exclusion hurt our society;
  • Ask legislators and local representatives to support laws that protect and advance civil rights;
  • Never allow a bigoted slur to go either unchallenged or unreported. If I see something, I will say something;
  • Denounce online hate and report conduct whenever possible;
  • Unite and engage with diverse communities and educate myself on how to be an effective ally;
  • Protect my neighbors by building welcoming and inclusive communities