Levels of Play 

Competitve Teams

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Travel Club TeamsMust register & attend tryouts

For players ready for travel club basketball, we will offer 1 to 2 teams per grade, 2nd-8th. These high level teams play 2 tournaments per month from Sept-July around Los Angeles and Orange County. They also have 2-3 travel tournaments to San Diego, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Phoenix or other areas. Players are also encouraged to play in the League for more maximum reps.

These teams will have one skill practice and one team practice per week. Travel Club team participants are expected to have regular practice attendance, daily practice on their own, and full tournament participation. Only by having full commitment can our teams compete at the highest levels. This is a full season commitment September-July.

Register for Tryouts Fall 2023

Competitive Club TeamsMust register & attend tryouts

● For high level players who are not prepared for the intensity of regional or national level competition, multisport athletes and players who are not able to make the travel club time commitment
● 2 75min practices per week (focusing on skills and team concepts)
● Competitive club players are encouraged to join The League to get high level, in game experience
● Teams who are ready, MAY have the option to play additional games through local tournaments or shoot outs later in the season
● $200 per month, plus cost of reversible practice jersey that needs to be worn to each practice
● Tournaments and Shoot Outs are an additional fee to monthly training
Elementary Teams: Monday & Tuesday, 3:45-5:00 @ Bay Club El Segundo
Middle School Teams: Monday 6:30-7:45 @ Vistamar High Schoo & Thursday 3:45-5:00 @ Bay Club El Segundo

Skill Clinics: No tryout needed, start anytime

We offer developmental clinics for players that are looking to improve their skill level, learn more about the game of basketball and play at a recreation level. One practice per week.

The League

The League was developed to answer the need for more games. This is a club level league for high level players looking for additional game experience. This local league will offers players the opportunity to play more and travel less. The League is only open to players who try out and are placed on Travel or Competitive teams.

Additional cost to monthly training fee.

  • More games, less driving
  • Local games with club level talent
  • No admission fee for spectators, no parking fee
  • Invitation only, must try out
  • this is NOT Rec basketball, 10ft hoops, official rules, full court defense
  • more basketball for avid players
  • flexibility for multiple sport athletes
  • high school coaching exposure
  • Limited spots
  • 2 seasons, fall and spring, 8 weeks each