ProSkills Backpacks

Mom created, smart desgin

Jennifer Chang, a basketball mom, had been working in the backpack industry her whole life. She was frustrated by the low quality and high pricetag of the backpacks for her sons. She worked closely with her manufacturer to select high quality items: the same material as Nike & Adidas, zippers that won't instantly fall off, and a design incorporating all her frustrations as a basketball mom (let those stinky shoes breathe)! Instead of selling through a retailer, we are able to purchase them direct from her as a wholesaler and can keep the cost to only $65!

vented shoe compartment

The bottom compartment is large enough to fit 2 pairs of men's basketball shoes. It is vented to allow sweaty shoes to breathe!!!

small pocket

The top zippered pocket is great for holding phone, keys, headphones and other important items.

ball compartment

The ball pocket is large enough for a 29.5" game ball. They won't lose anythign digging through their bag to grab the basketball because it sits alone in the front of the bag.

large main

The main compartment is large enough to pack clothes for a travel tournament or just keep track of their jerseys.